MY FAVORITE THINGS // aka Gift Guide 2015

Just because you're a last-minute holiday shopper doesn't mean you care any less......ooooooor such is the story I tell myself, anyway. Every year I receive the same shock in mid-December when I realize we're under two weeks from the big day and I haven't done a thing except bake cookies (which is why so many of you get cookies from me every year, MERRY CHRISTMAS, ha ha!). I adore giving presents but always prefer them to be thoughtful gifts (something utterly beautiful, useful, or in the best case scenario, both), rather than mindless gift-giving (i.e. here's some AA batteries and a gift card, go nuts). If I were to get my act together earlier in the year and shop well in advance of the holidays, though, here's a baker's dozen of the things I'd be stockpiling for gift-giving...perhaps that's a New Year's resolution for 2016?

Because I believe that by supporting independent artisans and unusual businesses you give a gift twice (once to the recipient, and once to the maker in the form of your support), my 2015 gift roundup is fully committed to that cause. Every item on this list is something that comes from a maker or a shop I love--and not coincidentally, everything on this list is something I'd love to give or own myself. Many are from desert dwellers in my own hometown (showing local love for Standard Wax + Ateleia + The Aestate + From the Reliquary, though the latter was once from Phoenix and is now relocated to Portland), while the rest are from other far-flung locations....but all are unique and special.

Hopefully this helps to inspire some thoughtful, intentional gift shopping and giving on your part this year. Remember, there's always time to give a gift certificate to a unique shop or get ahead for next winter, as don't despair, last-minute shoppers! Happy holidays to everyone!

[ Click link below to see sources ]
1. Candles by Standard Wax // @standardwax

2. Petrified Wood Serving Boards, Terrain // @shopterrain 3. Forged Bronze Spoon, Ann Ladson // @annladson

4. Stoneware + Porcelain Bowls, Herriott Grace // @nikoleherriott

5. Glazed 'Marble' Bowls, ONEandMANY // @oneandmany_

6. Staub Mini Cocotte, Food52 // @food52

7. La Brisa handwoven Peruvian throw, The Citizenry // @the_citizenry

8. The Kinfolk Table, Food52 // @food52

9. Leather Journal + Brass Pen by Ateleia // @ateleia

10. Gold Stacking Rings, Favor // @favorjewelry

11. Beverly II by The Aestate // @theaestate

12. Inverte Necklace, From the Reliquary // @aozers

13. Wooden Spoons + Scoop, Old World Kitchen // @poldersowm